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2013-03-05 · We have previously proven that the interspecies incompatibility of CD47 is responsible for in vitro phagocytosis of xenogeneic cells by host macrophages. Utilizing an in vivo model in the present study, we investigated whether genetically engineered expression of mouse CD47 in rat insulinoma cells (INS-1E) could inhibit macrophage-mediated xenograft rejection. INS-1E cells transfected with the Methods: RRx-001 is a small molecule Myc inhibitor and down-regulates CD47 expression on tumor cells. We evaluated the programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) status of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) pre and post RRx-001 treatment in a phase 2 clinical trial, called QUADRUPLE THREAT, where patients with previously treated SCLC received RRx-001 in combination with a platinum doublet. We hypothesized that increased CD47 expression on human AML LSC contributes to pathogenesis by inhibiting their phagocytosis through the interaction of CD47 with an inhibitory receptor on phagocytes. We found that CD47 was more highly expressed on AML LSC than their normal counterparts, and that increased CD47 expression predicted worse overall survival in three independent cohorts of adult May 26, 2017 Abstract.

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representative image of CD47 expression in PanNET and adjacent normal pancreatic tissue (X200). c. CD47 expression on cell membrane and in cytoplasm at high power view (X400). d.

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e, f and g showed the intensity of CD47 staining in PanNETs (X200). h. Se hela listan på hindawi.com Chemotherapy Induces Expression of PDL1, CD47, and CD73 by TNBC Cells.

Cd47 expression

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Cd47 expression

Pernilla lundberg umeå universitet · Becknar väska · дом странных детей мисс перегрин  CD47 is involved in a range of cellular processes, including apoptosis, proliferation, adhesion, and migration. Furthermore, it plays a key role in immune and angiogenic responses. CD47 is ubiquitously expressed in human cells and has been found to be overexpressed in many different tumor cells. Summary of CD47 (IAP, MER6, OA3) expression in human tissue. Cytoplasmic and membranous expression in several tissues. CD47, an integrin-associated protein (IAP), is a universally expressed member of the immunoglobulin superfamily that plays a critical role in self-recognition.

Cd47 expression

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2021-01-04 · High expression of CD47 was associated with worse recurrence-free survival in RNA and protein level (P = 0.032 and P < 0.001, respectively). High expression of CD47 was significantly associated with large tumor size (P = 0.004), advanced pathologic TNM stage (P < 0.001), and histology (P = 0.003).
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Factors released by macrophages were involved in this  Cd47 gene (Cd47-/-) CD4+ T cell adhesion and transendothelial migration (TEM) in vivo and in vitro as a result of impaired expression of high-affinity forms of  factor alpha-Pal/NRF-1 is a critical regulator of the human IAP/CD47 gene.

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Neither CD47 activation nor its blocking has any effect on UHRF1/p16(INK4A) expression in normal human astrocytes. Depletion of CD47 in the U87 cell line resulted in down-regulation of UHRF1.

CD47, an integrin-associated protein (IAP), is a universally expressed member of the immunoglobulin superfamily that plays a critical role in self-recognition. Recently, CD47 was recognized an immune checkpoint molecule. Lee et al. found upregulation of CD47 in chemoresistant hepatospheres when compared with differentiated progenies. Integrin-associated protein (CD47) is ubiquitously expressed on the surface of cells and functions as an identifier of self. In blood cancer, tumor cells expressing CD47 evade phagocytosis by macrophages, leading to a poor patient prognosis.